Author Services

We Give Words and design to your ideas and Imaginations.

Aadarsh’s author services has helped authors realize their dreams of publishing and have brought new titles to market. We invite young authors and amateurs to express their trueselves.


To ensure good readability and professional finish, through editing of text is very important, it may vary depending in the state of the manuscript submitted and also on how much editorial.

Language Editing

This is a level of editing which includes sentence rewriting and word replacement for improving the readability or impact, apart from taking care of grammatical errors, spelling mistakes.


Proofreading is suitable for those manuscripts that have already gone through at least one round of editing. This level takes care of grammar, spelling and Punctuation mistakes.


Formatting helps your content look its best to the readers. This service is available across languages and ensure that the interior of your book looks beautiful after print and has good readability.

Book Cover Design

Its about making the first impression everlasting. The cover is the first thing potential readers sees of a book and it has to tempt the reader into flipping through the book.

Extended Distribution

The fulfillment and distribution is equally as important as the design and message. We are into proper Online distribution which makes your book available through major Indian online retailers.